ODA ASEIC (Korean Company Visit to Green Business Center)


ODA ASEIC (Korean Company Visit to Green Business Center)

Jan 22, 2024

Agenda   : Discussing regarding Green Business Center program and networking.
Date        : Wednesday, 20 September 2023
Time        : 13.30 PM – 14.30 PM
Via          : Green Business Center

Meeting Attendees :  11 Persons

    • GBC: 1 person – Mr. Lee Jong Soon (Director)
    • ASEIC: 2 individuals – Lim Seolyeon (Manager) and 1 other
    • Korean Tenants: 4 companies
      • KKDC: Mr. Kang Bosun (Director)
      • Samchully Networks: Mr. Son Dokwon (CEO)
      • BTC: Mr. Ken (Director)
      • KTC: Mr. Kim Younghwan (Director)
    • Companies from Korea: 4 companies (number of individuals not specified)

  • GBC explained the programs and activities conducted by the Green Business Center. Mr. Lee Jong Soon also elaborated on the process of establishing a company in Indonesia and the steps to become a tenant at the Green Business Center.
  • In this meeting, there was networking between Korean companies and Korean tenants present at GBC.