Indonesian SME Entrepreneurs Succeed to Develop Biogas


Indonesian SME Entrepreneurs Succeed to Develop Biogas

Apr 27, 2015

THE INDONESIAN Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) appreciates and support the Swen Inovasi Transfer Corp. known as the Swen IT which encourage cooperatives and SMEs to utilize biogas as renewable energy, to reduce dependence on conventional energy such as gasoline and diesel, according Indonesian senior official here Wednesday.

The Deputy Resource Assessment of SMEs, Meliadi Sembiring praised successful IT Swen to develop biogas as renewable energy, which utilize the waste such as livestock manure and waste as raw material for biogas.

“The Indonesian government strongly supports SMEs Swen IT as a pioneer who developed a biogas reactor of glass fiber,” Mr Sembiring said during a visit to the production center in Ciomas district of Bogor Regency in West Java.

Deputy Meliadi Sembiring was accompanied by two assistant deputy, Kamaruddin Daud and Daniel, and Director of Green Business Center of South Korea, Lee Jong Soon. (Pictures of B2B/Gusmiati Waris)

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